Hip hop supremo and founder of Stones Throw Records, Peanut Butter Wolf talks to Mark Grimmer on the occasion of the label’s tenth anniversary.

With ten years worth of releases in the record bag, Stones Throw has forged a reputation for itself as a label which is happy to take risks in order to put out records regardless of their commercial potential. ‘I don’t think I ever thought hard about the Stones Throw sound or anything like that’, Wolf comments, ‘I put out what I like.’

The result is a roster of artists which includes, to name a few, Oh No, MED, Gary Wilson, the late, great, beat tape genius J Dilla, and of course Madlib – in any number of his guises. Indeed, it’s Madlib’s helium-breathing alter ego Quasimoto’s first album, The Unseen that Peanut Butter Wolf rates as one of his favourites from the last decade. ‘I really like that record’, he reflects. ‘It was an exciting time for me. There was all this stuff that Madlib recorded in his bedroom and then we mixed it down in my bedroom and neither of us knew what we were doing from a technical standpoint. I think that the passion for the music is what made that sound different to an extent’, he adds.

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