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A recent intern at Vogue House reveals the world of fashion is not as glamorous as one might imagine…


Anthony Loyd is a war correspondent for the The Times. He talks to Alice Fordham of his experiences in Bosnia, his concurrent problem with heroin addiction and his struggle to cope with normal life after the war ended.


In its twenty year history, Serpent’s Tail has consistently published writers from outside the literary mainstream. With Elfreid Jelinek picking up the Nobel Prize in 2004 and Lionel Shriver scooping the Orange prize last year for We Need to Talk About Kevin, founder Pete Ayrton can be confident that the risks he has taken have paid off.


Truth and identity are inseparable for Benjamin Zephaniah, and as the title ‘Naked’ would suggest, it is a sense of truth that he is trying to uncover and unclothe. ‘I’m trying to strip myself down and just be as open and honest as I can’, he explains.

What Price Paradise?

Set against the background of the violence in occupied Palestine, Paradise Now sketches the lives of two young men who find themselves on the front line of the Palestinian resistance movement, for very different reasons, and with very different consequences.