Month: October 2002

Why Iraq? Why Now?

The rush to war against Iraq is irresistible. Since the US first propounded the idea a few months ago – when it seemed a preposterous idea, it has gained increasing substance and accelerated momentum.

Teaching TEFL

Four weeks after graduating with an arts degree, in the early hours of a Sunday morning, I found myself righting the logos on pencils in the conference room of a hotel where I’d been employed as a night porter. Still heavily in debt and clueless as to my future career plans, I decided to escape the labotomizing effects of sleep deprivation and pencil straightening by signing up for a TEFL course.

War on asylum

As George Bush and Tony Blair look determined to take their ‘War On Terror’ to Iraq, Jacob Mukherjee reflects on the mixed messages on war and asylum coming from the British government.


Is it not doublethink to blindly respect all faiths and religions, when we know that the great majority of them (including, probably, our own) must be completely wrong?