A recent intern at Vogue House reveals the world of fashion is not as glamorous as one might imagine…

…What was most shocking was that all of the prejudices about the fashion world, all the clichés, were based on truths. It is truly amazing how such a mess of an organisation could put out such a glossy product. The employees were all plummy and a little dim; the majority were blonde – one particular department resembled a convention for rather well-dressed Aryians. Did they all have names like Henrietta and Pindy? Mostly. Were they all nasty? Not all were nasty, though most were rude. Some were gentle with the work experience girls, but access to such enlightened souls was limited. Unsurprisingly, those secure in their positions took the time to smile and engage in pleasantries. But the less powerful the position, the more unpleasant the woman holding it.

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