Rachel O’Brien has the dubious pleasure of meeting BNP press officer, Phil Edwards.

Dr Phil Edwards meets me in the teashop by Grantham station, where he gestures towards a black girl sitting in the corner. ‘I thought you were her!’ he laughs. ‘I thought – bloody hell, what have I let myself in for!’ But as we make our way to the local Wetherspoon’s he assures me: ‘I wouldn’t have minded if it was you – I’ll talk to anyone. And besides a lot of them vote for us anyway. We’re very misunderstood, the BNP’.

On arrival at the pub, he ushers me to a quiet corner at the back. ‘I’ve done interviews in places like this before and they’ve tried to kick me out when they’ve overheard the conversation,’ he says. ‘Not that it’s any of their bloody business.’

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