The LIP Preview: Editorial

We are at our best when we work together. New ideas in art, culture and politics are more likely to be forged in a collaborative environment. In February 2003 Level Productions will launch the first full issue of the LIP magazine. Pioneering the publication of nationwide student media, the LIP will approach national and international current affairs, cultural events, and the arts from a defiantly pro-multicultural perspective. The cutting edge of student writing will be featured alongside contributions from prominent cultural critics.

The founders of the LIP believe that the political climate of the day raises a number of concerns that students are well placed to address in an independent publication produced for them, by them. The rise in the prominence of the Far Right both in Britain and across the European continent, the upsurge in anti-Arab, Islamophobic and anti-Jewish attacks related to internal and external political affairs, and the apparent crisis over those seeking asylum in Britain demands a proactive response from the student community.

If prejudice is born of ignorance, the LIP will counteract such ignorance with intelligent news, reviews and analysis of what it means to live in an increasingly ‘globalised’ world. By showcasing articles from those studying and living in Britain and abroad, we will both reflect and promote the diversity of our student communities and the wider global society.

Students have historically been at the forefront of fighting for social justice, insisting that society treat all its citizens with equality and fairness. The LIP aims to support and re-energise an emerging generation of student activists, particularly encouraging contributions from minority ethnic students.

The articles featured in this preview provide a select sample of the material we will attract as part of the wider project. The LIP is now seeking contributors, collaborators, advertisers and supporters for the February launch issue. If you would like to become part of the team, or discuss any details of the project, please contact:

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