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Dharma Police

In the 90’s, the Chinese government’s crackdown on Falun Gong was well documented but more recently such human rights abuses have passed relatively unobserved by the western world.

The Long Good Friday

After all the optimism and excitement surrounding the Good Friday Agreement – for which 72% of the population voted in favour – where did the political process come unstuck?

Time for a New Order

The UK’s so-called ‘New Vision for Refugees’ proves itself woefully inadequate, for it is not about solutions to a problem of international dimensions, so much as a self-regarding and self-interested attempt to minimise this country’s role, at the expense of refugees, asylum seekers, and less well off countries in the developing world.

The Future of Europe

Throughout Europe, asylum seekers are alienated and dehumanised in public discourse. Public policy and the media have transformed the public perception of an asylum seeker from a person whose presence is legal under international conventions to a liar, criminal, and cheat.

Zionism and the Right of Return

Psychologically, however, it boils down to one factor: the fear of a second Holocaust. Bi-nationalism, with or without a Palestinian majority, only becomes a spectre against the backdrop of such a horizon. To put it as bluntly as possible: Israelis are afraid that they will be marched into the gas chambers. Again.