Novelist, Restaurant Critic of the Year, TV Presenter, Columnist and self confessed ‘snooty public schoolboy from London’, Giles Coren gives Mark Grimmer his two penn’oth on The Art Of Good Journalism.

…Something of an over-determined character, Giles Coren is a man with fingers in numerous pies, and is unashamed to admit that writing fiction (and perhaps watching cricket) are the only passions in his life – the rest, the journalism, the television presenting – they pay the bills. ‘That’s the only reason for doing TV. With the exception of that bird with the fat tits who got sacked from the Big Breakfast, one can just turn up and read the autocue. They couldn’t put words of more than two syllables on the autocue for her. Whereas I can read. So long as I keep my beard reasonably trimmed and do my hair nicely, I’m fine.’

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