Arrested Development

Hanan El Ashegh met up with Arrested Development’s founder and key songwriter Todd Thomas, a.k.a Speech

‘Everyone has their own internal struggle, and my music tries to help them use our understanding of ourselves, to help other people through situations they are striving to overcome.’ His message for the youth of today: ‘Find out what you have to offer. Everyone has their own special thing to give. Find that in yourself and you can make a change in your own life and others; change should come without judgements, be humble enough to embrace it’. He added ‘I like to think of our music as music to change perspectives, which brings messages through to people that they can relate to in their own struggles, and help to overcome them’. Spooks added ‘We are satisfied and comfortable with our work. It’s grounded and respectful, it’s something that has to continue with an endless series of goals. In our touring we see different people and cultures and countries. We have a message, to tell the whole story in a piece of music’.

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