The LIP is your friend

We are growing fast, like a newborn. Our reach grows wider, as one by one the universities of this land adopt this once humble magazine, and begin to sing our song of diversity.

Evil men try to narrow your horizons. They try to control your thoughts. They try to tell you who you are. They spread falsehoods, by saying that the public wants only celebrity and sensation. They give this as the reason for their bland magazines and TV shows that patronise us all. Do not believe their lies!

Beware the magazines which look the exactly the same, from issue to issue.

We have shown that there is a latent mass of people in this country, who are sick of this “media-by-numbers.” With our glorious success we have shown that people want to hear from new lands. They want to hear new politics, new music. They want to judge new ideas for themselves. People who revel in the diversity of our great species are coming together at last, to celebrate the humanity we share.

We ask for your help, to accelerate the coming of our certain victory. You owe yourself the chance to become involved. Now, at the genesis of the project, is when you will harvest the greatest rewards.

We are building a coalition of the willing. We wish to recruit LIP operatives for every UK city. We require advertising and marketing managers, regional editors, news hunter-gatherers, legions of reviewers, web-masters. If you would like to help propagate the LIP, please send an e-mail to

You’re either with us or against us. You decide.

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